The Benefits of IOA’s Smart Club Program

Oversight of a club organization requires one to have a careful eye for risk management in order to carefully protect one’s brand and reputation. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be done alone. Industry professionals can offer help with the comprehensive planning and strategy required for success through the new IOA Smart Club Program.

This one-of-a-kind program uses technology and markets that currently can’t be found anywhere else, offering clubs of all types of unique approaches for managing risks.

What Is IOA’s Smart Club Program?

IOA’s Smart Club Program is a suite of customizable solutions that fit your club’s specific needs. The only program of its kind, IOA’s Smart Club Program is most suitable for the following types of clubs:

  • Athletic
  • City
  • Country
  • Faculty
  • Golf
  • Military
  • Town
  • Yacht

Of course, because of how customizable the program is, it can be made to work for any type of club.

Expertly Manage Risks with 5 Key Solutions

According to IOA Chairman and CEO, Heath Ritenour, IOA’s Smart Club Program focuses on the following five key solutions:

  1. RiskScore

    RiskScore is best compared to a credit score. The RiskScore will help you identify your opportunities in risk areas and will provide you with a guide of highlighted areas where improvements can be made.

  2. Smart Plan

    It is important that clubs have plans for possible emergencies. Smart Plan will help to ensure that you do have a plan and that it is a viable one. With careful consideration of a club’s unique needs, Smart Plan will help you mitigate risk to ensure that your club not only has a contingency plan but also has a plan for business recovery after an emergency. This accounts for anything from communication issues to extreme weather events. Club team members are also available for quick communication and to provide white-glove claims advocacy in times of emergency.

  3. Smart Training

    Clubs don’t work without employees, and a plan doesn’t work unless everyone is aware of it. IOA’s Smart Club Program offers over 400 courses to add to your customizable training program for your employees. Training in various programs, from customer service to safety and wellness, is available both online and offline and in both English and Spanish.

  4. Smart Property

    Clubs can also monitor the health of a property with IOA’s Smart Club Program. The technology utilized by the program can help you monitor the environmental features of your property in order to detect potential issues in real-time and save costs.

  5. Smart Insurance

    Furthermore, the industry experts at IOA can provide you with extensive policy reviews and customizable coverage plans. They have the necessary expertise to give you and your club the right guidance to ensure operations are smooth and uninterrupted.

With such a bevy of benefits, IOA’s Smart Club Program is perfect for anyone looking for an innovative, comprehensive solution for risk management.