IOA Automating Sales Operations With Applied Epic for Salesforce

Applied Epic for Salesforce is a sales and marketing application on the Salesforce platform. It was built for the insurance industry to enhance management while maintaining automation. Connecting the best customer relationship management platform with the world’s most used insurance agency management system, Applied Epic for Salesforce allows staff at multiple Insurance Office of America (IOA) locations to work together in ways they’ve been unable to in the past.

Increased Automation and Efficiency

Applied Epic for Salesforce is known for its sales and marketing focus, data analytics, and freedom and flexibility. It not only gives insurance agencies the ability to customize workflows, but it also offers insights from data points in Salesforce. Not to mention, Applied Epic for Salesforce serves to help build out IOA’s tech strategy, giving the agency access to a multitude of apps in the AppExchange.

Applied Epic for Salesforce has a large number of great features and aspects that make it a smart choice for use within the insurance industry. These include:

  1. Automated processes, to easily customize and configure workflows
  2. Bi-directional integration, to ensure that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information
  3. Cloud choice, built natively and to work across multiple clouds
  4. Einstein AI, Salesforce’s native AI
  5. Insurance lead conversion, to establish account and contact details
  6. Opportunity and renewal management used to personalize sales journeys
  7. Purpose-built data model, to map organizational structure and align employee roles
  8. Reports and insights, to review business health and see how teams are performing

Applied Epic for Salesforce was built to empower IOA agents. By combining Applied Epic with Salesforce, agencies can improve operations with the help of the actionable insights of Salesforce while also accelerating sales and marketing.

From Two Systems To One

Insurance Office of America formerly worked in two different systems, which was time-consuming and significantly less efficient than the unifying technology provided by Applied Epic for Salesforce. IOA Chairman and CEO Heath Ritenour hopes that by connecting his insurance sales organization, it will increase visibility between teams beyond just traditional servicing roles. “By giving Insurance Office of America the power to align marketing, sales, and services, Applied Epic for Salesforce will make processes across all roles in the agency more efficient and smarter. This will further enable us to move prospects and customers through the insurance lifecycle.”