Simply the Best: The Benefits of SimplyIOA

SimplyIOA, the newest platform launched by Insurance Office of America (IOA), is set to become the first in the United States to blend a purchasing platform with the ability to compare the quotes of different auto and home insurance companies. With SimplyIOA, users will be able to evaluate the pros and cons of different quotes as well as purchase auto and home insurance from a provider. It’s expected to take users only three minutes to complete the process as a result of the platform’s use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data.

A Simple Way to Compare

The purpose of SimplyIOA is to make the process of purchasing auto and home insurance significantly easier for those seeking coverage. With the ability to examine different quotes side by side and purchase insurance after comparing, users will spend less time and less energy trying to crunch the numbers themselves. The time and energy that users preserve can then be spent on other important tasks or their personal lives. All of the previously mentioned features help to assist in accomplishing SimplyIOA’s goal: to provide consumers with a fast, transparent, and secure method of buying home and auto insurance online.

How SimplyIOA Works

The process of purchasing auto and home insurance has never been easier. Users will be able to purchase their preferred type of insurance in no time by following three easy steps when on the website:

  1. Users will first provide a small bit of relevant personal information to get started on the site.
  2. The site will then use the information to determine the best quotes being offered by insurance companies.
  3. Users will then look at the quotes found by the site, pick their favorite, and make a purchase.

Providers Partnering With SimplyIOA

SimplyIOA has secured partnerships with some of the leading insurance companies in the United States. Among others, these insurance partners include:

  • American Integrity
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive
  • Safeco
  • Tower Hill
  • Travelers
  • Universal Property & Casualty

How IOA Is Changing the Insurance Industry

Through SimplyIOA, CEO and chairman of IOA, Heath Ritenour, is focused on putting the customer’s needs first. “We have listened to our customers, engaged in focus groups, consulted with industry experts, invested in technology, and created an innovative, one-of-a-kind quote and buy platform. With SimplyIOA, our aim is to deliver convenience to consumers by fundamentally changing the conventional method of buying coverage.”

“This is an exciting time for Insurance Office of America as we transition into the insurtech sector with SimplyIOA,” Ritenour continued. “We will continue to refine our online offering to meet consumer expectations at every touchpoint, while delivering an optimal digital experience for purchasing insurance.”

IOA Facts and Figures

  1. IOA is ranked No. 13 on the list of top insurance agencies in the United States.
  2. IOA has over 80,000 clients.
  3. 1,200 employees are currently employed at IOA.
  4. There are over 60 IOA locations throughout the United States.
  5. IOA’s revenue was last reported at $225 million.
  6. IOA has “$2.5 billion in insurance premiums for clients.”